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After The Epilouge by Kirito Winterhaven reviews
This is what happens after Ellie comes back down to earth.
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Ellie is tired of rules. She and Will decide to ditch the rules and go after what they really want. Eachother.
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Spoiler alert! Sixteen years after the last book. A new principal character with the strange personality of Ethan Stone and the power of Will and Gabriel. A lot of hypothesis on the angel world. Please review, I want your comments.
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Angelfire just inspired this What if you were a great warrior in a battle between good and evil fought behind the scene...and can't remember. Nobody? Emma knows what it's like. After a recurring dream starts to change and the boy whom she fights with in her "dreams" starts showing up Emma is freaked Find out what really happens when you sleep. And exactly what lurks in the dark
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SPOILER ALERT!If you havn't read Shadows in the Silence then don't read it, there is definate spoilers! This after Shadows in the Silence, Ellie has her wings and everyone is together. I'm not quite sure where I'm going with it but I hope I'll figure that out soon :P i wanted to post something since I have nothing.
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A quick thing I wrote in Cadan's perspective after I read a scene between him and Ellie in Wings Of The Wicked.
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Trinity's entire life is about to change. The boy with the green eyes, whom she's been dreaming about her entire life has come to show her, her true identity. Every being from dark and light are coming for her. Will she bring on eternal darkness or will she restore the light? Trinity is about to find out who she really is and if she can handle being the daughter of Fire & Ice.
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